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Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.


  雲瑯站起身,緩緩來到黑衣人身邊道︰“好一個姑妄言之,姑妄听之,現在我們兩個是不是該論一下你跑我家偷東西的事情了?”   梁翁明知道這樣做不合適,他偏偏要這樣做,如果不這樣做,就顯得他毫無用處。av天堂   因此,在我大漢,只有先產生大量的糧食盈余,我們才能從土地上解脫更多的人,去進行利益更大的其它行業。av电影   司馬遷瞅瞅自己亂糟糟的屋子,堅決的搖頭道︰“不做,我沒時間做官。”亚洲色图   自古以來為君王,為國家鞠躬盡瘁的人不是沒有,如果把這些人帶入進中華幾千年來的官員隊伍中就會發現,這種人稀少的可憐。
Archive PickStephenson’s ‘Rocket’ Wins at the Rainhill Trials
8 October marks the 190th Anniversary of George Stephenson’s locomotive ‘Rocket’ winning at the Rainhill Trials.
Archive PickThe Second Boer War
11 October marks the 120th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Second Boer War. These remarkable early films capture the conflict, alongside others which look to later remembrance events and ceremonies.
Archive PickThe Brighton Hotel Bombing
12 October marks the 35th Anniversary of the Brighton Hotel Bombing, an attempt by the IRA to kill Margaret Thatcher. Though she narrowly escaped the blast, five people were killed. These films look back at the attack and its aftermath.
Archive PickHMS Royal Oak is Sunk
14 October marks the 80th Anniversary of the sinking of the HMS Royal Oak, during World War Two. Its loss had a negative impact on British morale, as the German Navy was seen as capable of bringing the war to British home waters, where its ports had been considered safe.
Archive PickVietnam Moratorium Day
15 October marks the 50th Anniversary of the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam, or Vietnam Moratorium Day, a massive demonstration and teach-in held to protest against the Vietnam War. A second protest occurred on 15 November, 1969.
Archive PickThe First Luftwaffe Raid on Britain
16 October marks the 80th Anniversary of the first Luftwaffe raid on Britain, during World War Two. RAF Squadron 603 was scrambled to intercept, becoming the first to pilot Spitfires against a German air raid, and shooting down a bomber in the Firth of Forth.
Archive PickMother Teresa is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
17 October marks the 40th Anniversary of Mother Teresa being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for her work directed towards ending human suffering. These films look back at her receipt of the award and her life.
Archive PickThe British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is Founded
On 18 October 1922, the British Broadcasting Company (later Corporation) – the BBC – was founded by a consortium. These films look back at BBC Television Centre across the last century.
Archive PickUS Forces Land in the Philippines
20 October marks the 75th Anniversary of US Forces landing on the island of Leyte in the Philippines, beginning the Philippines Campaign during World War Two. The US successfully defeated and expelled the Japanese Army from the islands, who had occupied them during the first half of 1942.
Archive PickAachen Falls to the Allies
21 October marks the 75th Anniversary of the German city of Aachen falling to Allied forces, during World War Two. It was the first city on German soil to be captured by the Allies. Take a look back at the battle for the city here.
Archive PickEdison Applies for a Patent for the Light Bulb
21 October also marks the 140th Anniversary of Thomas Edison applying for a patent for his design of an incandescent light bulb. This collection looks back at his life, and includes some of the earliest content in our archive!

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